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Dear Associates, Artists and Friends,
we send you the plan of our art exhibitions scheduled for January 2010. We would be glad to see your artworks in our gallery, if you are ineterseted in, pls ask us for the participation form. symposiumXXI@gmail.com or to symposiumarte@gmail.com
SmokePostponed from 21 to 28  Feb 2010. With support of Confraternita del Sigaro  Toscano Argument: Exhibition-Contest organized with  "Confraternita del Sigaro  Toscano" for the opening of the new Milan seat. 10 artworks officially illustrating the Confraternita will be selected as the best ones.
In the period of the exhibition, following events will take place: the Tuscan Cigar and its history. Cigars tasting matched with Italian grappa
Presentation: "Smoke, fumo. The ideas are as light as smoke." The artists will interpret the pleasure and lightness of smoke .The cigar is not a vice, but a pleasure, it gives a sense of relax, conviviality, allurement, intimacy.
Women by Women from 7 al 14 marzo 2010.
Argument: Exhibition-Contest open only to women-artists to celebrate the 8th March. The exibition has the goal to present a contemporary profile of contemporary woman, drawn by contemporary artists. A profile far away from profiles created by industry stereotype, advertisement.

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