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World Canvas Awards

Extended Entry Deadline is January 20th!
January 20th is the extended deadline for the Early Entry Special at the 1st Annual World Canvas Awards. Enter your painting in any of the 31 categories to get your work in front of the world's leading galleries, curators, publishers, editors and art dealers and be recognized as Artist of the Year.
Enter Now  www.canvasawards.com

      World Canvas Awards Statue
      $10,000 Prize Money
      Rising Star Award
      Creative Excellence Prize
      Published in the Awards Magazine
      On show at the Winners Gallery
      International press & exposure
How to Enter
Open to professional and non-professional artists worldwide painting with oil or acrylic paint. Entry fees are $35 per painting plus 10% discount for members of art societies, clubs and associations. Enter before the Early Entry deadline of January 20th.
Enter your work today!
Please email your Questions or Comments or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.
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