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Featured Artists Vol II

Featured Artists Vol II
Annual art book
Estimated Release Date: 2010
Inclusions by selection only
We invite artists  to submit images of their artwork  for selection to be published in "Featured Artists" 2nd edition, an international art book. Every nomination is based entirely on the merit of the work submitted for selection.
Any artist is free to submit his/her artwork for selection. Selected artists will have to pay an editorial fee. This fee covers a standard editorial cost for the creative layout, design per page and full editing, such as offset print, packing, shipping, distribution.
"Featured Artists" distribution is made internationally through large book wholesalers and e-shops, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders and more.The book is also distributed to over 1.200 top galleries, museums, curators, art consultants in the U.S and in Europe.
In the end of the editing progress, the jurors will select two of the best artworks submitted in this edition and these artworks will be used for the front and the back cover free of charge.
More info: http://www.modernartcom.com/featured_artists.html

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