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Exposição de Ivo Pecov

Ivo Pecov is born in Kocani, Republic of Macedonia in 1980. In 1995 he was admitted by the state school for arts “Lazar Licenoski” in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, where he graduated in 1999. In the summer of 1999 he went to Sofia, Bulgaria and there he graduated on “Graphics/engraving” in 2003. In 2005 he became master of graphics/engraving and in 2010 he defended his doctorial thesis at “The National Academy of Art” in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The individual and the society, the material and the spiritual world. These are the links that Ivo Pecov reflects in his work, the interest in the actual society problems. At the same time he is interested in the inner-world and sub-consciousness - based on Modern Art. Like a magical strength that can change mankind and have big impact on the course of history. Ivo doubt`s the idea of greatness of our civilization and playfully twists it in the opposite direction – into a Civilization in ruins. The simplicity and modesty shown in the Nature is way above the enormous artificial waste of modern society.
With these paintings Ivo strives to show his perspective for contemporary situations like world’s ecology, economy depression and thirst for spirituality, questioning about peoples individual and collective priorities. Are hedonism, greed for material possession and extreme careerism our new reality?
Curators: Ricardo Quaresma Vieira and Jasmina Aleksova.

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